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Samit Madan is the CEO of MediaWiz, a 25 year old advertising & marketing company with a deep foundation in technology.

Over three decades of experience in Advertising, Design, Printing, Marketing & Web, mostly in a leadership role. Started programming at the age of 15, designing and selling ad space at the age of 17.

Founded India’s first eCommerce site in Feb 1998. Coded one of the world’s first meta search engines in 1999. And has generally been ahead of the curve, sometimes successfully, sometimes not as much.

Known as ‘mediawizard‘ or ‘mwzd‘ around the web since 1997. Other interests include digital art, technology, travel, spirituality, music and more.

Provides real world business solutions for customers from around the world. Focused on creating great brands, design, web & app development, seo, sem, smm and online advertising. Can help move the needle for your company and brand, fast. Get in touch!

– ICANN Business Constituency – icannbc.org
– Educates India: The Free Education Foundation – educates.in